MoViEs iN NeW zEaLAnD!!!!!!!!!!

I just landed in Auckland, New Zealand a few hours ago!!!!!  I feel rested.  It was a 12 hour flight from Los Angeles.   I was safely and easily transported to my secret safe-house in….  check out the view of St. Mary’s Bay from the apartment I am staying out in a beautiful neighborhood in AUCKLAND.Image


I am here to work on an independent, feature-film and to travel & explore, of course!!!!  I HIT THE GROUND RUNNING this morning… meeting with my friends, Shiloh and Mardana.  Shiloh Fernandez is the lead actor in the feature, and Mardana is directing.

Shiloh is in New Zealand working on a big-budget, studio, feature-film, as well.  I am not sure how much I can talk about this film… I’ll let you know more info if I can.  He will be filming the independent film on breaks from the big-budget feature.  He is a very busy artist at the moment!  Shiloh and Mardana wrote this independent feature-film.

Shiloh and Mardana are walking to breakfast this morning in the following photo.


Filming an independent feature film is quite an undertaking.  The director, Mardana, and the director of Photography (DP), Jake Bryant, are working intensely, preparing for the production.


Jake mostly films documentaries and this morning has been showing me wild footage of Afghanistan soldiers shooting their guns in the air to ward off protesters in Kabul.  He also recently spent two years doing a documentary-production in Sudan.  He is from Christchurch, New Zealand.


Here is some of the crew working together in the apartment.  The producer, Colin, and the editor, Scott, are on the couch.  This morning they are working on financing issues, bank accounts, and finalizing contract agreements with some of the supporting actors.  Lots of hard days ahead of us!   Shooting starts tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted.

AND SOME GOOD NEWS!  There is talk of me having a small acting role in the production.  This will be my second acting role this year.  I played a fisherman in a movie filmed in Costa Rica earlier this year – a very small part, but any part is great!!!



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