The Soul SeDuCTIoN

The Soul SeDuCTIoN

I once knew a woman who seduced another woman. She seduced her with love, focusing on the weakness and void of comfort the victim painfully could not bear. Do not be fooled by GYPSIES. They are amongst us. Ruining the respect of the educated astrologists by diminishing their field through blind, mind-robbery via “mind-seduction”. EVERY SAILOR KNOWS A GYPSY. WE CAN SEE THEM, but you LANDLUBBERS cannot because the salt protects us from their mental, caring, & loving lures. DON’T BE FOOLED.

The great pyramids were built by ALIENS. Astrologists and astronomers agree on this point as our understanding of galaxy navigation has advanced sufficiently in the last six months. They control you through money now.

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