ALmOsT FoUr mOntHs at sEA AnD CoUnTiNg!!!

I’ve been on a container ship, the Sea-Land Comet, since January 7th 2013.  I’m in the middle of my third and last voyage… exhausted and ready for vacation. Each voyage is 42 days long and each voyage schedule takes us to –> Los Angeles –> Oakland –> Dutch Harbor, Alaska –> Yokohama, Japan –> Kobe, Japan –> Busan, South Korea –> Qingdao, China –> Kwangyang, South Korea –> Busan, South Korea –> Hakata, Japan –> Nagoya, Japan –> Yokohama, Japan –> Los Angeles.  The crew is unhappy as there is no shore leave today in Korea due to “Strengthened immigration policy by Korea Ministry Justice department.”  The Justice Dept should know if war breaks out sailors are much safer with beer in hand. :p  Next stop Qingdao, China for grog refill. 

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