SuNNy SAtUrDaY at VonDeLpaRk AmSterDam

ryan jay jamming

girls park

I am now writing this from the smoke room in the Flying Pig hostal even though I am staying at the Van Gogh Hotel.  The Flying Pig is proving to be the atmosphere we are looking for during our travel.

justin drinking

lounge shoes

flying pig bar

guy rocking

There is a lounge that people interact and sit with eachother on cushions with shoes off.  Interaction of youth and discussing travel with other travelers is what’s most rewarding about traveling.

ryan guitar guy singing

ryan justin

The Van Gogh Hotel is nicer, but the staff isn’t part of the party like the Flying Pig.  Today I slept in because last night we stayed out super late and were taken out by two local girls – Justin and I rode on the back of their bikes late night to the bar on one of the funnest rides i have had in my life.

ryan dancing two

These people know how to ride bikes and know how to carry a passenger better then anybody in the world.  We woke up late which was good because we are still exhausted from jet lag and lugging around our equipment and playing yesterday on little rest.


Nevertheless, today it was our second time to rock out in Vondelpark before the sun went down.  The locals needed some entertainment on this lovely Saturday.

ryan jay in park

ryan grass

We first had a great Salad with walnuts and goat cheese in the park and then made our way into the center of our favorite spot by the water.


Justin and I had a blast today playing music and we had a good response and connected with a massive amount of people.


guy dancing two

The cops have been tolerant of us plugging into our battery powered amplifiers and blasting our music in the park.  So far so good.  Today I realized I was right where I needed to be – jamming music in the green grass with the sun on my face.

justin jamming

It has been wonderful to meet so many people in this town – sometimes when we walk around other parts of the city there are people that have seen us play in the park, the plaza, the canal in the red light district, and leidsquare Amsterdam.  Justin and I are super excited because the music and band is only going to get bigger and better.

dancing sing

justin gangstas

spanish guy

guys dancing\


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