cOwBOys and iNdiANs in OjAi 2014

swedish shooter


The 4th Annual Cowboys and Indians festival was a special one due to the combination of a blazing fire on a starry night, tasty foods, good weather, good spirits, ice cold beer, and great music.

indians fire

teepee arielle


swedish gun 2

rug hangout 2

hanging out

teepee wagon

fire group

indian style

tree airel

sacha hanging

This classic event is hosted by Emmanuelle, and her two daughters, Sacha and Arielle – their French taste and classic, easy-going nature is the main reason why this event is so unique. Cowboys and Indians is set on a ranch with old, classic wagons parked around the property.

wagon side 3

wagon side 2

ryan playing

I wandered the ranch enjoying the horses, goats, chickens, and dogs.

stables 2

horses 2



Showing up early allowed me to hang out with Patrick while he cooked up a curry lamb stew with spices from his homeland, South Africa, which brought an aroma of officialdom to the tribal area.

patrick fresh veggies lamb stew sacha cooking sacha working brad

cooking 1


cooking 2

We cracked open a few beers and watched Emmanuelle, Sacha, and Arielle work hard setting up the festival and creating a comfortable vibe with rugs and pillows around the fireplace and cooking areas.

sacha moving

wagon fire


curry lamb

Real cowboy-Brad cooked cream cheese stuffed peppers wrapped with bacon and some other tasty meals as well.

brad worker brad hose brad barbecue

barbecue barbecue 1


sacha cooking

This year we had some musical performances on the new stage that was built from an old seed cleaner left on the ranch.  DJ Sacha decorated the stage, set up the music equipment, and kept the fresh dance-beats moving our tribal council into dancing spiritual waves.

blazin fire 3


arielle smoking


walking wagon tent

blazing fire 3

indian stage

guitar performer

bar tree hangout

Cowboys and Indians swarmed around the fire in their hottest tribal attire and then got cozy and bundled around Arielle’s red-feathered coat.

arielle red coat

group night

Doctor Monte was all cowboyed up in good spirits.



More vaqueros and indians drifted into the party after the sun went down. New tribal members joined as we passed the peace-pipe and released our wild spirits into the clear night while the hungry coyotes howled in the distance.

dark fire

bar tree hangout  blazing fire 2

sacha fire

Sunrise came and some of us got a few hours of shut-eye, Emmanuelle was back in her work gear and cooking a big breakfast for the tribe with fresh eggs from her chicken coop.

cooking breakfast

sacha breakfast

Sarah and Olivia, the inseparable sisters, were constantly in good spirits.

sisters 3 sisters 1

All of us made new friends.

charlie stick charlie stick 2 brad working brad working 2

setting up teepee

Emmanuelle was constantly the extraordinary host and tribal leader, directing all the indians and cowboys to do their part in keeping this tribal party alive.  When I first arrive to the festival she quickly managed her crew to put up a massive Indian tee-pee.

teepee tree

teepee set up

teepee set 3

director teepee

teepee set 1

teepee setup

teepee set up 4

teepee set 3

All cowboys and Indians camped out in the tribal area, and of course Sacha has the coolest tent set-up of us all.

sachas tent

However, Milla, was a top contender on the coolest Indian Tee-Pee.

girl teepee

hanging dog

tent kids

A special thank you to all festival participants this year.  To all my fellow Indians, thank you for a positive, tribal vibe and good relations with those dirty vaqueros.

fire  indians tent indians tent 2 indians chief

Thank you for all the great cowboy action on the shooting range!

guns 2

swedish gun

shooting guns

laughing guns

shadow eyes

raccoon gun

guns 1 gun range

A special thanks to the hardest working host in the world, Emmanuelle!  Thank you for a wonderful festival this year, I can hardly believe how you make this festival better every year.



kids fire

Some of us had a rough time waking up.  Okay, where is my coffee?

poodle morning

sleeping outside sleeping morning

*A special note to all Cowboys and Indians: Thank you for having a safe festival this year and recognizing the importance of fire-safety. A few ponchos got very close to the hot, blazing fire and we are lucky that there were no Indian burns this year! I hope to see all you native, Angeleno Indians and cowpunching cattleman next year.

group fire night 4 group fire 2 fire fire party 3 fire party 2 fire party 1

bar tree hangout  3 sisters

blazing fire hanging rugs hanging rug 3

girls walking  food area

wagon tent

food area tree sun

fire laughing tree sun 2

bar tree hangout  3 sisters

hangout rug indian


blazing fire 2


wheel wagons wagons 1

horses 1 hanging out

arielle bar hanging hammock hammock


swedish gun

sunset  sunset 1 sun down

bar tree hangout

rug hangout rug hangout 3 rug hangout 2

cowboys cool coat cool coat 2 cooking brad

hanging rug 3

patrick indian

Rice redondo girls



hanging rugs



sacha working

poodle arielle

guitar group rugs

drinks dog in car

old wagons  monte


charlie wagons

redondo girls

arielle tree

charlie running carrying log

hanging out



at the bar

wagon 1





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