sOs mEssAgE iN A bOttLE

ThIS iS aN S.O.S. MeSSaGE eXpErimEnT

At this very moment, there are several bottles with messages floating around the English Channel and North Sea.  When will these bottles be found?  Enter the free contest to win real treasure!!!!

This year, during the first week of October 2012, I realized the Mayan’s prophecy of coming to an end is now actually coming to an end.  Nevertheless, I sent out S.O.S. messages in bottles.

Now go to your stereo and play that Police Song, “Sending out an SOS, sending out an SOS… message in a bottle, yeah.”

My message in a bottle was thrown into the sea while I was underway, miles at sea on a merchant ship.

Each bottle contains cash in foreign currency, a handwritten letter, and a picture gift.

The bottles were dropped off in the North Sea, the Straights of Dover, and 14 miles south of Land’s End, United Kingdom.  I would guess that some of these bottles will most likely be recovered on the shores or by fisherman within one year.  I have a good idea of where some bottles may make landfall by examining current charts, but the ocean sometimes can be a mystery!  Test your navigation skills as my guess is as good as any.


How long will my messages be at sea?  I imagine some lucky person will definitely find these bottles on the beach as money always catches the eye.  The finder will contact me by e-mail… how long will it take for that to happen??!!

Guess the country of bottle landing, and date of my receiving a message from the first bottle recovered at each drop-off location: North Sea, Dover Straits and Land’s End.


LAND’S END (October 7th, 2012)
Latitude 049-48.4′ North
Longitude  006-37.4′ West

STRAIGHT’S OF DOVER (October 6th, 2012)
Latitude 050-55.1′ North
Longitude 001-18.2′ East

NORTH SEA (October 4th, 2012)
Latitude 053-26.6′ North
Longitude 004-49.4′ East

PRIZE: 18th century treasure coin that was recovered from a sunken shipwreck.

Write your guess on a Postcard and send to:

Chief Mate Sweeney
10580 North McCarran Blvd Suite # 115
Reno, Nevada 89503

Your Entry EXAMPLE:

North Sea, March 19th, 2013, Denmark

Straits of Dover, July 17th, 2013, Belgium

Land’s End, Not Found


Find the location drop off points with the latitude and longitude in the letters posted for North Sea, Dover Straits, and Land’s End.  The currents in the diagram map are constantly changing as they are affected by the change of tides and times of year.

Currents move lots of water and can transport a floating bottle over a huge body of water.  I imagine that some of these bottles could even make it as far North to the shores of Norway.  I dropped some very close to the coast so it is quite possible they could make landfall near the dropping points.

There might be a better chance for the bottles to be recovered at a warmer time of the year as many people visit the beautiful shores more often then.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and a clamming fisherman will find my message.  I can’t wait to hear from a mystery friend across the Atlantic.



A lucky someone will win a prize when I am first contacted!  This First Prize will be rewarded to the person that guesses the closest date to the first recovered bottle and it’s location country.  They will receive free treasure, a vinyl copy of my upcoming record, wheelhouse to the Bungalow, and a free membership in the Bungalow Club.


After one year of last bottle message dropped, the contest will reward the Second Prize (all of the same listed above) to the closest estimate of the recovered bottles from all three drop-off locations.


If not all bottles are found in one year, the contest will continue and the Third Prize (all of the same listed above) of the contest will reward the person that estimates the country and dates closest to a future date.  You can re-submit guesses on bottles that have not been recovered after one year. The contest will continue until one bottle is found from each location as two bottles were dropped in each location to maximize chances of recovery.  This part of the contest could last years and will only end if one bottle is recovered from each of three locations.

Postcards are an official contest entry. 

If you SHARE on your facebook page – then you get one day handicap towards your guess, increasing your chance to win a prize!  Lookout for my BLOG postings for rare announcements to get a time bonus on your guess.

FaiR WindS aNd FoLLoWiNG sEaS…


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