FiRsT MeSsAGe HAs bEEn FoUNd!!!!!!!!!!



If you read my last BLOG posting… 
…then you will know that I dropped six bottles into the sea with secret messages…. they were dropped between Land’s End, The English Channel, and the North Sea.  The first bottle has been recovered in Holland by Pieter and Marina – thanks to their dog!!!  It is not too late to enter the contest… read the previous BLOG posting for details and a chance to win real treasure!!! Here is the letter from my new friends in Holland.

Dear Ryan,


We are Pieter and Marina and we live in Holland.

On the 9th November we found the bottle on the beach between Scheveningen (the Hague) and  Katwijk. It is the part of Holland not far from Rotterdam.

I suppose you have been there on one of your journeys.

That day we were walking with our dog in de direction of Katwijk. The distance between Scheveningen and Katwijk is about 8 miles and we foud the bottle in the middle of  those two places.

We are Pieter (61) and Marina (51) van der Beek and we live in Voorburg, a  little town near the Hague. Every Friday in wintertime, when dogs are allowed to walk on the beach off the leash, we walk on that part of the beach.

It was the first time we found a bottle like yours, a real surprise and we like your idea to share your album with the world by sea.

Hereby you’ll find a picture with the bottle, the papers and our dog, who had a major part in finding the bottle.

We hope to hear from you.

 Pieter and Marina van der Beek


  1. That’s amazing! I was just thinking about the bottles the other day, wondering if and/or when they would be found. When I read about them in your last blog, I thought it was such a cool idea. I can’t wait to find out where the rest of them will turn up.

  2. So great !! Adding a little mystery and adventure to people’s lives!! Sorry I missed you last time you came through !! Cheers. Kelly

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