GooDbYE, AmStErDaM. WE ShALL ReTuRn!

models cart

canal houses

jbird skating

Amsterdam is such a classic city.  We found it to be a fantastic setting for riding our wooden cart through the lovely canal streets, playing our hot jazz song, Shine.

model bike two

We met so many amazing people, young and old.  I had a wonderful conversation with a 70 year old Frenchman about hot jazz and that great era of music.

ghost buster 2

jay skateboard

jay skateboard top

So many wonderful friends rode along with us through the canal streets, enjoying the wild scenery of the red light district and the idyllic, Vondelpark.  Our bike ride through Vondelpark while performing with a violinist while on the move was unforgettable.

ryan lake wagon

girls cart hotel

marie boat

marie and friend

Justin and I rode all around town and performed in a lot of different areas on the fly.  During our journey we came across a skatepark and hung out with some local kids.  Justin showed them some skate tricks up his sleeve and gave some skate lessons.

jay teach skate 2

jay teach skating

jbird tricks skateboard

Unfortunately, the party never seemed to stop which took it’s toll on me.  The Flying Pig can be dangerous and the staff usually are the craziest in the party. Lots of drinking, shots, dancing, and smoke coming from the smoke room.

jam session hostal


pool table

We met so many great people here from all over the world.  I had a nice dinner on the canal with Pernille and Marie from Bergen, Norway – we took a break from the wild nightlife and relaxed by the canals.

dinner canal

girls cart

I have had some excellent conversations this weekend and am rejuvenated by my stay here in Amsterdam.  Goodbye Amsterdam.  We shall return soon in July.

photos cart

guy kisses girl 1

guy kisses girl 2

lithuanian girl

guitar flying pig


girls cart bar

jay skate kid

girls bar pic

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  1. Looks like lots of fun. Lots of gorgeous girls in the pics. That cart must really be a chick magnet. Love,

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