PaRis LE HOtt JazZ


train station     =

saisha walking two

ryan red lipstick

french group

saisha drumming

punami michelpunami bridge

I arrived from Copenhagen eager to meet up with the rest of our bandmates.  Saisha is our beautiful percussionist who recently arrived in Paris from traveling through Madagascar.

saisha freddy 2

saisha walking

saisha drum

Saisha and I have not seen each other in a very long time, so we had so much to catch up on over dinner.


Saisha is from Kauai, Hawaii – we met years ago at a reggae ensemble on the Lydgate Farm.  She was born and raised on an organic, vegetable farm; both Justin and I have played music with her on her farm and completely adore Saisha.  She is such a great addition to our band – her musicality and spirit uplifts us.

saisha des artistes

saisha laughing

pearl earring

I was also very excited to catch up with Sammy Asuncion.  Sammy and I first met in his hometown, Manila, Phillippines during my journey there to produce Pünamí’s current album, Wheelhouse to the Bungalow, which Sammy and I co-produced with some of his bandmates from Kalayo.

sammy ariel three

Sammy is more then just an amazing musician, his playful soul ignites energy in everyone he encounters.

ariel pic

We played in several places outside in paris – the bridges near Notre Dame, St Michel Fountain, Montmartre, the Subway, and of course, under the Eiffel Tower.

love bridge saisha

paris punami

notre dame bridge

saisha justin

saisha drum sam

st michel three

I was also able to catch up with some friends of mine and we had a wonderful picnic in Place Des Vosges.

picnic one

picnic sacha two

ariel bird

picnic three

Paris is such a classic city with such lovely walkways, cafes, and such strong, elegant culture.  There are very few cities in the world where I travel and fall in love with the music in a foreign language.  I have heard so much French music that I adore.

jazz band

We paid homage to Jim Morrisson, played him a song and had a toast for the man. Thanks, Jim, for letting us visit.  His old statue is missing and his grave is now barricaded off.  Security came by and told us to stop playing music even though we were doing light fingerstyle.

jim grave flowers

ryan jim grave

saisha jim grave

jim morrision grave

justin graves

We took a day trip to the Louvre.

louvre glass

inside louvre

louvre painting

cieling louvre

Such a lovely museum with exquisite cielings with enormous sized paintings.  I couldn’t believe the spectacle that can develop over one painting – the Mona Lisa.

mona lisa

mona lisa crowd

mona lisa crowd three

mona lisa crowd two

Most people are annoyed by the everyday crowds, but I thought how wonderful it is to see one small painting get so much attention over the world every single day.  Fantastic!

louvre two

ryan justin mirror two

red lipstick

broken building

justin ryan mirror

sai jus 2

matt guitar

justin train

saisha jumping

hip hop sign

justin face

sacha house

ryan fishes

cops montmarte



  1. Awww Paris ❤ my favorite city in Europe ;)) Need to go back soon 😀 I remember at Louvre, we were searching for the Mona Lisa painting for hours and when we finally found it I was actually disappointed by it's actual size because I've been expecting it to be huuuugee ;)) but it's really amazing 😉

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