FrEnCH CoUNtrYsidE DaY TriPPinG

ryan saisha wheel

saisha turn road

justin eyes

Punami was invited to a beautiful French Countryside Estate in Breonne. This magical property transformed us into kids again, running through the unkempt statue garden – discovering secrets under the brush. We found old costumes on the property and ran around like wild children, filming a music video on this lovely property.

ryan field

jump three

justin saisha flowers

saisha justin boat

The twlight fog drifted along the fields – so our musical family layed down in the grass like deer and sang our songs to the wild like coyotes.

justin saisha fog grass

ryan grass one

saisha grass

justin field

The lovely woman that lives in this house says she could hear us in the fields from the distance.  We howled every night we were here, gazing at the stars, exploring from the horse stables to the old water mill and along the riverside.

ryan bridge

jus saisha by water

Ryan Swing

kids willow tree

jus saisha paddling

We were invited here by a fellow musician and music producer, JImmy.

jimmy closeup ryan jimmy river

jimmy house wide

JImmy let us run around like wild animals in his house filled with antiques – I’m not sure how many floors were in this house, but I do remember it was a long way to the top floor where we had a few bedrooms to ourselves.  The cat would run around the stairwell playfully watching me with his keen eye.

ryan mirror best


I cooked up a big breakfast outside by the river for the kids. It was so nice to spend time with them on the river – the kids made the trip that much more special as we were one big, happy family.


kids river

kids boat

kids river

jimmy balcony

We had so much fun in the garden and the poor kids were forced to behave and watch us be kids as we filmed our music video on this estate. We found old costumes in the dust and sang silly songs to the statues and roses.

Here is the music video:

justin saisha flowers laugh

saisha rose flowers

ryan statue

Jimmy’s biggest concern about our visit was scaring his new friend that nests underneath his dock – a gigantic black swan.

black swan water

black swan

justin black swan

Black Swans can actually break your arm if they hit you in the right spot with their powerful wings.  Jimmy first encountered the black swan on a long stroll to the post office which he never takes.  He said hello to the swan one day and not too long thereafter the elegant beast created a massive rock nest underneath his river dock in front of his porch.

saisha swan

The Swan eats the willow tree leaves that lean onto the river, creating a beautifully trimmed willow tree.  However, the swan is protective of his nest so we had to keep our distance.  Jimmy was concerned about us swimming in the river, and he was right as we ruffled the Swan’s feathers and he ended up swimming down river for a bit.  JImmy wasn’t too happy and we were all concerned about his return – which took about an hour as he had to swim back upstream against the current.

saisha boat thre

saisha garden

saisha window

We were told stories by the mother about the history of this house and the famous, wealthy people that have stayed here years ago to fish and enjoy the estate.

Ryan hat

Jimmy and his mom invited us back and we are eager to return to the magic.  I’m going to be dreaming about this place for the rest of my life.  Thank you, Charis and Jimmy!  We hope to return for another magical visit!!!!

charis closeup

Ryan laying grass

saisha vegetables

dinner table

saisha pose water

justin saisha boat float

justin bed

justin lola

jus saisha hanging boat two

justin saisha sink

saisha field one

jus saisha river flowers

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