woodstockswoodstock one

saisha beach


paul smoking

We stormed into Amsterdam excited to come back to the Flying Pig. Most of the staff remember us and treats us with such kindness and love. We jammed music with some of them before and enjoy hanging out and catching up with all of them.

flying pig

We made some new connections in Amsterdam that helped us book a great gig at a beach party at this awesome beachfront club called Woodstock.  Special thanks to Naomi.

woodstocks 69

beach empty

Woodstock soundman

Woodstock is an incredible venue with the best beach party near Amsterdam.

woodstock inside

woodstock stage 2

woodstock hangout

saisha couch

This place is built only for the Summertime and completely taken away for Winter. I love the ambiance and the way this place is set up with couches everywhere outside providing cozy gathering places around the fire.

saisha fire 2

woodstock inside 2

ryan fire relaxing

The staff was so wonderful – feeding us a dinner to die for on the house.

eats woodstock

saisha drink

Our favorite person ever, Paul, drove us along the beach in his pickup truck providing first class access to our gig.

justin paul

paul truck back

paul justin

pickup truck

justin drinking truck

justin drinking

He proved to be a great host and friend, meeting up with us at other spots in Amsterdam so we could have some more good laughs.

paul girl

saisha paul

We did the usual at night in Amserdam, riding our cart bike through the city with new friends and playing our music in as many public spots as possible after our gig. So many positive and receptive people come over to say hello and join our jams.

justin cart two

We ended up at a karaoke bar and I witnessed for my first time a “mangina” on stage – this guy had some guts pulling a move like that on stage at a popular bar. All the girls in the audience joyfully screamed bloody murder.


mangina two

We played music in the hostel till sunrise, which created a chaotic morning of travel to Lille, France.

jamming flying pig

jay tongue

Justin had a terrible wreck on his bicycle, face planting on the pavement, and we are very fortunate that he is not severely injured, although he was in pain nursing his knee and hand for days.

justin hands

We were thrilled, exhausted, sad, excited, and storming on in fifth gear as the tour approached it’s end!!  We can’t believe all the wonderful places we have seen and experienced in such a short period of time. So many magical people and places that have become dear to our hearts – although exhausted, our spirits were flying. And of course, we were excited to catch up with Devendra Banhart’s tour again.

Devendra Banhart

Saisha snuck out on the town in the wee hours and took some great photos.

woman bird

amsterdam night

Thank you, Amsterdam!

ryan street

old lady bike

woodstocks rip jeans

saisha laughing

saisha just taxi

ryan justin min guit

ryan closeup

petting dog

fire woodstock

sai justin dancing

ryan watch

ryan dancing

saisha jay

justin tickets


santa chicks cd

paul soundguy table

feet fire

paul truck

paul pickkup one

girls laughinig

santa barb chick

ryan car two



  1. Hi Rye!! I wrote you a comment earlier but not sure what happened to it since I don’t see it. Anyhow, I truly enjoyed reading through your entire blog. Your travel experiences mirror very much of what Ani and I encountered in Eastern Europe back in ’04 (sketchy Budapest included). The Flying Pig Hostel is by far a favorite, although we didn’t have a chance to visit their beach location since it closed by the time we got to Amsterdam. I felt like I got a great glimpse into what must have been an awesome beach trip! You are one lucky fellow to be out on the road hopping on and off trains. Big hugs and besos from the tropics hermano~ Kelly

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