NeW CiTy EvErY DaY oN tHe RoaD mUsIc tOuR ENDS Cologne HaMbUrG FrAnKFuRT GeRMaNY LiLLe & PAriS FrANcE AmStErDaM

eiffel punami

ryan standing metro                        punami group

It has been difficult for me to keep up with the Blog and write about every city we have seen and experienced because we have been traveling every day at the end of our tour.  It can be a challenge to travel, check in to accommodations, play a show, celebrate and promote all night – then wake up and travel again on the train and do it all over again.



ryan train station

We have been hauling around Europe a ton of promotional materials and musical equipment which could be exhausting at times.  But the tour was unforgettable as we connected to some fantastic people in different cities and sometimes danced with them in the streets.

french couple


We played an unforgettable show by a subway entrance in Paris and probably had one of our biggest, warmest crowds in the street.


I was able to see some tourist attractions along the way, saw some wonderful architecture in Frankfurt.


beth building

justin eiffel blanket

Saisha and Justin and a wild night in Germany and met up with some pro skaters.

skate crew

justin skate

Lille, France was an amazing town mostly because of the people we met there.  The French are welcoming, warm, loving, and so very cool!  It has been such a wonderful adventure… to be continued in the future.

boat ride

light ryan laptop saisha justin tickets face justin finger ryan office final ryan jeans 2

ryan bags

justin bar


jazz fest



ryan lunch girl




ryan sweat






  1. Another great update. I swear, I get tired just reading about your adventures. I don’t know how you do it, especially since you just had a birthday and you said you were how old?? 29?? That’s pretty old. Guess it’s a good thing that you’re doing the touring now, before you’re so old you won’t be able to travel anymore. hahahaha!! Just kidding – about you being 29 that is. :p

  2. Don’t believe it. You can always travel if you want. We are very old and are still doing it. Tomorrow off to Munich and Saturday Palermo and San Vito lo Capo. See you there.

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