LoVeLy sTaY iN ZaKoPaNE

zakpane hotel

mountain house

man trees


I was in Krakow, Poland and running out of time as I wanted to move forward with my traveling because I had few cities ahead of me in less then a week’s time.  Usually when tourists visit Krakow they take a day tour to Auschwitz Concentration Camp to learn about the horrors of the Third Reich in Polish areas and the efficient extermination of the Jews by the Nazis in World War II.  It was a tough choice not to visit the camp, but instead I drifted into a beautiful mountain town called Zakopane by word of mouth from the streets of Krakow.

house mountains

farm area

I took an easy, comfortable, cheap bus-ride for two and a half hours.



I figured I could go have a relaxing trip in the mountains opposed to being swamped with the depressing education of War at Auschwitz.

spray paint

Zakopane is a small, artistic mountain town that the Polish call their winter capitol as it is a prime destination for mountaineering, mountain biking, and skiing. It’s in a beautiful valley between the Tatra Mountains and Gubalowka Hill near the border of Slovakia in Southern Poland.


rocks mountains


This town gets lots of Polish tourism during both the Summer and the Winter and there are many shops, markets, restaurants where the family crowds slowly wander.

main boardwalk


markets market

market three copy

And let me tell you, the Polish love their meat, barbecues, and formal, traditional dancing.  Needless to say, I found myself a dancing partner and enjoyed some laughs – although she spoke absolutely no English.





Zakopane has a waterpark with an indoor slide and a pool that connects to the outdoor pool with a nearby rest area.  I swam a few laps and had fun on the waterslide.

indoor waterpark waterpark

waterpark two

There are extensive hiking trails in the mountains and a lodge at a higher elevation so hikers can go further, deeper along the trails and come back to a nice bed.


lodge front

I met an adventurous Polish girl, Basia, and her father who were up here for a week, hiking everyday from 8 am until sunset at 9 Pm.


They hike about 10 hours or more, almost nonstop, everyday with little rest to maximize covering the gorgeous terrain.  First, biking riding to hiking routes as fast as they can to access trails faster before they hike up other routes not accessed by bicycle.  They drop over the side of mountains as some trails are so high and dangerous and become inaccessible so they have to adjust routes.  We met on my way back with me riding on the horse carriage like a dumb tourist.

horse carriage

However, this was the fastest way I could get up the mountain and cover the area I wanted as I had little time as I was traveling so much – I didn’t have enough time to hike up before sundown but the serenity of the ride by myself was priceless.  My driver was drunk and would grunt at my requests to go further before sundown.

man eyes

river ride

horse ride

Basia, her father, and I made our way into town in a taxi together from the hiking endpoint and then walked on the main drag to choose a place for dinner and a beer.  They hiked all day and then ate big pork kebabs with a gigantic beer.


I had some vegetables with cheese.  The live music right in front of us was wonderful.

live music


Basias dad and I reviewed their routes on the map.  It was a very exciting night for me to be with such amazing company.


They weren’t the only wonderful group I met in Zakopane; I had another night with some locals that was special as well. I had a late-night after party at my wonderful wooden home.


my hotel

ryan guitar

It was quite a lovely stay in Zakopane. You can’t help but fall in love with the rustic, wooden, creative architecture with a dreamy mountain backdrop.

house mountains

green house


forest trees

houses zakopane

field house

path to church


horse carriage 2


log house

sheep neighborhood


tractor man eyes two

cabin 2

little car

house trees


] architecture building flowers

house woods

cattle house

sheep 2

houses river

creek two

burning trash

mike tyson

guitar door



  1. Rye, I’m sitting here on a rainy morning reading through your latest post and just commented to Hector that you would make a fine travel blogger. You really have a talent for writing and describing things perfectly. Hector wanted me to ask you when you plan on coming back to Panama and you should go on an adventure to places you haven’t ever been to here! Are you back home in Cali? Let me know!

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