WaRsAw OLd tOwN

warsaw three

old town Warsaw, known in Polish as Warszawa, is the capital and largest city in Poland.  This big city is located on the Vistula River which has some popular hangouts for locals, especially during the heat of Summer.  The city centre is home to many big business and institutions, creating a modern day city with tall buildings and wide avenues.  However, Warsaw has an Old Town quarter which has lovely architecture that still gives some of this city wonderful character.

warsaw four

warsaw two

I stayed in a lovely hotel right in the heart of the historic centre of Warsaw.

town memorial

guitar warsaw

hotel warsaw

But I only stayed here one night, 15 hours actually, on a long layover from a Polish Airlines flight from Krakow to Belgrade, Serbia.

polish airlines

I figured I could quickly jet-set a night through Warsaw and I did, enjoying a wild night of partying with some local girls I happened to meet in public on the Vistula River.  We walked to various parts around town and I was able to get a small taste of what this city has to offer.  I didn’t stay here long enough to document this city properly, but I was here long enough to re-enforce my fondness for the Polish.  I spent most of my time in Old Town because I’m not so much a modern soul – meanwhile I reach for my Ipad.  I’m an antique soul, I swear it!


hotel window

warsaw one

warsaw five

warsaw six


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  1. What a joy it is to travel to these places through your blog Rye. As I write you, I’m sitting here on the porch of the same suite we stayed in for our wedding here at Nitro City. This is the first time I’ve been back since our wedding (how quickly a year and five months flies by). Just this morning over tea and coffee Hector and I mentioned your name as we reminisced about our wedding weekend. Hector said something along the lines of, “Ryan was here the whole wedding weekend and never actually slept in a room!” I think you got to live thru the true raw experience of waking up in the hammock overlooking the bay. What a great weekend the wedding proved to be and I’m so happy that you were a part of it!!!

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